I am a synthesis of two seemingly contrasting features one may have:

on the one hand, I am a romantic, and a full of empathy extrovert, on the other hand, I am an individual who is capable of analytical thinking and is generally considered to have a scientific mind.

This dualism is somehow reflected in the texts I managed to translate successfully from English into Polish and from Polish into English.

They ranged from a difficult medical language of tomography scans, to translating a picturesque biography of the 19th-century army colonel written in the Polish of the epoch into contemporary English. (950 pages, poetry included).

I have also tried writing. I have published two volumes of a retro-style thriller set during WW II, as well as my sentimental and full of the local color childhood memories “Z Ujazdowa jestem…”.

The English version of the last one (The Enchanting Enclave) will be published on the Amazon.com soon.

I would love to help you with your projects the best way I can and share my expertise and experience with you in order to get your message across.

My website:

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