How to Manage and Successfully Maintain a Profile Page

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It’s Advertising

Are you a Freelancer? a Translator? a graphic designer? Do you want to get yourself out there on the social media platform? Do you want clients to know about you? Do you want your works to get noticed? Now it’s possible. LocalityPro – We’re here to get your Profile out there to start advertising!

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What is LocalityPro?

A community of professionals – graphic designers, translators, media specialists and others, who are looking to get their message across, to communicate with professionals like themselves , to get on a targeted job board and to publish their profiles on the web.

If you are looking to hire or get hired – LocalityPro is the place to be! One thing is certain – you will get your message across! Your profile page will be visited by targeted audiences who are looking just for you!

First thing to do is register with us. It’s simple, easy and you are out there on the web with your self-designed Profile page and About Me page, with links to your landing page and/or website. Clients and friends will easily find you and reach out to you for projects! For more information visit us here in this link:

How does LocalityPro work? what exactly is the Profile Page?

The Profile page enables you to achieve your goals as a small business owner:

1.       To create personal content/contextual targeting

2.       To create Geographical and location-based targeted advertising

What is content/contextual target advertising?

It means you are advertising in the right place – where you are most likely to be found. Another name used is content-oriented advertising. This targeting method is in context – because here potential clients are going to be looking for you. Since LocalityPro is a matching system which analyses the contents on the page and its key words – it can match you up with clients looking just for someone like you! With LocalityPro you will find the most receptive audiences for that which you are trying to promote.

And…Geographical based targeting?

Even more focused targeted marketing because it’s localized – so you know that the clients you are looking for you are just out there next door, and not in another country or time zone.

How do I Start?

After registering and choosing a username on the LocalityPro system, you can start by designing your Profile Page. Remember that the username you choose will also act as your unique URL on the site.

When you create a professional Profile Page, keep these five basic goals in mind:

1.     Think about the purpose of your post

What is your goal? are you looking to start a business, to grow your business, to get more clients, to get known on the social media platforms? do you  want your potential clients to see your page and seek you out for their projects?

Given a little time and some thought, you can create a professional Profile Page that will enhance your business, your image and your reputation. So – what are you waiting for?

2.     Clear, simple to understand message that gets across

Keep your message clear, concise, simple. Your potential clients will not have to think at all – but your message will Pop right into their heads when they see it – therefore state your goal in 4-5 words – keep it clear and simple. Add a few photos and links to emphasize what you want to say.

3.     Look at your page the way your client would

We have created a template to make it easier for you to create your Profile page.

a.       Your photo or banner will appear on top.

b.      Your main message will appear later: who you are, the services you are offering, languages you work with, software you use, etc.

c.     Finally write the ABOUT ME Page– why should clients be interested about you? What is your added value? Be honest and creative. Write to your clients, not at them. Write the way you would speak.

4.     Be open minded and stay relevant and interesting

A simple bio with concrete facts goes a long way. Feel free to share your experience, tell the world what your biggest accomplishments were, and feel free to link to your website or landing page. Remember: write the way you speak. Talk to your readers, not at them.


Here is an ABOUT ME Sample

I am a chronic lifelong learner. I like to approach writing as if it were the most important thing in the world. This means that I do a lot of research for my client, before put pen to paper.

Having been reared in two countries, Israel and Singapore, I started to write before I could read, which was at about 5. In 1993, Soon after graduating from the English Department at the Tel-Aviv University, I launched, with the Intention of producing excellent B2B content services in Hebrew and in English (my two Native tongues).

Since 1993 I have produced, written or translated some 500,000,000 words of creative catalogues for industrial designers, architects or importing companies, certifications and legal contracts for lawyers and notaries, drug pamphlets for pharmaceutical companies, landing pages, web pages for schools and educational institutions, case studies and inquires for non-for profits, pamphlets for hotels and tourist resorts…and the list goes on… I simply love to write. today, offers comprehensive content services for clients who share my commitment for knowledge and opportunity. We offer consultation on content written by the client, we will edit your content or enhance your content to add style or marketing value or formatting…

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to work with great people. I like to help people who need assistance with telling a story, who want to speak of their business or their experiences in an interesting way. I like my clients to get their message across. I think it’s important.

I’m on Facebook and LocalityPro and always love hearing about new projects. Please feel free to contact me!

My website –

5.     Play by the Advertising rules

Your post is going to be read by Search Engines and will influence the way search engines will find you. Therefore, your post must be original. It cannot be copied from another site.

6.     Use keywords that will help others find you

a.       The first place to start is with Google Adwords. Create an account and they will run you carefully through the process. Check it here:

Note: You can use a ‘Key’ word or a long tail keyword which focuses on what you are offering, for example: Translation of HVAC Operation Manual: this will bring in more focused searches. It is better than just putting in the keyword ‘translation’. Add some 2-3 KEY words in your post, keep in mind that your keyword has to show once for every 40 words.

b.      Don’t forget to add a link to your site or landing page if you have one.

c.       Use SEO professionals to help you get individual tips on how to get noticed on the web.

d.      And finally – the more you will dedicate time and thought to your profile page, the better your rate of exposure will be and your chances of getting hired.

e.     Start today and get a 30-days Free Trial!

Written by

Ms. Or Wolman, English Copywriter, Translator

English site: