Find a Project!

Finding a project on LocalityPro requires membership.
How do I become a member?
Click here or navigate to the MEMBERSHIP Tab.
Choose Your Package
Once you are in the Membership Tab, you will need to choose a package.
Each package offers a different set of tools. If you are a freelancer translator, you may want to choose the FREELANCE package – which offers one language pair (i.e. you can apply to jobs within the language pair you have chosen, such as English-Spanish).
If you are a company with over 10+ employees, you might want to choose the  ADVANCED package that encompasses many more language pairs.
The Language pairs you have chosen you your Profile page, can be changed at any time and – once changed –  you can apply to any project with those languages.

Update Your Profile Page

The next thing you will want to do after you have chosen your package, is to update your Profile page.
Select a username, enter your details, photo, contact information, background about yourself and the services you provide. You can even add an article, with your own private links and images, and even embedded video clips.
Use the Profile Page to present yourself and your work as best as possible and provide as many samples about your work. Remember: project managers and search engines will browse your page – they might be looking for someone just like you!
Don’t forget to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions
Once you have completer you registration and updaged your Profile page – visit your account here: username
Continue to your dashboard by clicking My Account on the Main menu.

Upload a Background image

A background image can be anything from a business card, a work sample, a picture or an illustration which relates to your work.
Use the provided template below to make the best fit to the page. Right click the Background template and save the image to your drive. Use the image with the background of your choice and upload it. Click ‘UPLOAD BACKGROUND’ on the ‘ACCOUNT’ page.
Manage your Profile page using the Dashboard; the dashboard will help you to upload your projects, bids and quotes.
After registration, you are redirected to the Profile page in editing mode.
View your Profile page by clicking – ‘See Public Profile’ button. This is how your page will appear to other users.
Use the side menu tools on the Dashboard to customize and manage your Profile/ account:
See your Public Profile.
Upload Avatar – upload or update.
Upload Background image – update the background image on your Profile page.
My Posts – Publish your post on your Profile page.
Messages – Send and receive messages (private!)
My Profile – Update profile details.
Account – Update your membership level.
Setting – Update your password and email.
My Projects – Manage your projects.
My Quotes – Manage your quotes.

My Profile

Tell us about your offered services on your Profile page.
Remember: Project Managers and search engines might be browsing for someone just like you – at this moment!
Make sure your Profile page reflects exactly what you do the services that you provide.
Choose the set of language pairs for which you want to get jobs.
My Posts
Upload an article to let users read about you, the services you provide, and your style. This helps drive relevant audiences to your page.
Share links on the article to boost your web presence. Add images and you can even share YouTube clips!

Public Profile

If you are not sure how to write your article, here are a few tips:
Your Profile is public – it  is what users will see when they reach your page from the LocalityPro Freelance Directory.
Your Profile page should be as clear, and as straight forward as possible. Users should get to the point immediately when they enter your Profile. Add a background image that delivers the right message regarding your services – this can make  a big difference.
The Public profile page is built using a few details. Remember to complete all the to get the most out of your membership.
1) Image
2) Background
3) Services provided
4) Post /Article and links to your website, YouTube, etc.