Localitypro.com is an advertising platform for service providers,  enabling them to access projects/ showcase their skills, knowledge of languages and expertise.

What are the advantages of LocalityPro?

  • Access new projects matching your criteria.
  • Receive instant email alerts regarding new projects.
  • Maintain direct contact with your clients.
  • Respond immediately to projects and send quotes.
  • Expand your clients list.
  • Advertise your profile professionally.
  • Publish your SEO article.
  • Collaborate and communicate with other freelancers.
Upon registration, fill in your freelancer’s profile. Share your URL’s, websites, portfolios, blogs, links – let clients know who you are and seek you out!

Translators master languages – that  is their expertise. Most translators have one native language and another second languages which enables them translate from their mother tongue (source language) to the target (or second) language. Some translators may even master more than 2 languages and transfer those to their native tongue.

In your freelancer profile – select Native language, Source language and the languages for which you can translate.
For Example: If you are a native French speaker who knows English and Spanish, you can  translate both from English to French and from Spanish to French.
Your profile will indicate French as your “Native Language”, English and Spanish as your “Source Languages” (there is multiple choice selection for paid members only) and French in “Translation Language”
As such, you will  receive only those project requirements that are relevant to you and  cover only the languages that you have selected.

Competition has grown immensely, and finding the right translator can often consume a lot of precious time.
With LocalityPro, your profile page enables you to specify your fields of expertise, thus enabling project managers to quickly find you.

For example:
a) A law school graduate, who happens to master more than one language – can provide legal translations, might prefer to get notifications on legal translations only.

b) A Graphic designer – working for a decade on designing advertising campaigns – will definitely prefer to locate only the jobs in his field of experience. Alternatively, he might decide to offer himself to a project manager looking to design books cover.

The expertise selection is a multi- choice app and you can always update your selected areas of expertise according to your choice, and need.

The variety of software used in  the content professions, such as translations or graphic design is awesome, yet each project has its own requirements. Although there are those most popular software packages that are always out there, many specific project requirements can be handled by using a specific software, as designated by the project manager.
Selecting your software proficiency on your profile page will enable the system to divert only relevant projects to you – whether print, digital publishing or computer aided tools (CAT) for translating, text conversion. etc.

You are always welcome to add more software Knowledge as you go along.

One of the key factors in gaining a job is responding on time.
LocalityPro will send you email alerts regarding new projects that match your criteria – the moment they are posted on the system.
As a member, you can access your account from any device, review the project requirements and send an immediate response or quotation –  directly –  to your new client.
From that point on, you can communicate directly with your client and even switch to your personal emails !

LocalityPro messaging system enables a new client to either communicate with you through the general messages platform or  directly through the project’s messages.

– Direct contact with your clients.

At LocalityPro, we believe that a freelancer should be in direct contact with his/her clients.

– Send immediate quotations – respond immediately  to projects.

The ability to respond immediately ensures an excellent match between the project manager and freelancer and will lead to excellent productivity.

– Expand your clients list.

Take advantage of LocalityPro freelancers index by responding to new projects of any kind, that might includes additional requirements, that are not on your profile, for example:

As a translator – respond to projects that  include publication, from writing  and translating, to graphic design and Desktop Publishing.

Your freelancer profile is your foremost presentation. By presenting yourself on LocalityPro you are placing yourself among other professional service providers while keeping to your unique preferences for better matching.

– Publish your article or Portfolio

Apart from publishing your profile, you can take advantage of a unique personal URL at localitypro.com –  that will  includes your unique article covering any content related to your service – with keywords, title and description, your unique page will be indexed in search engines all across the web, directing traffic straight to your page!
An article can include for example, a description on the importance of translating a technical manual book, and why your service is the best (its because you are using the most professional tools to handle terminology and graphic design).

Once registered, your account acts both as a freelancer showcasing your skills, and as a client who is seeking resources. You can publish your own projects and collaborate with other freelancers that provide the additional services you need in order to be able to reply to comprehensive project requirements.

For example:
An English to Spanish translator can respond to a Multilanguage project covering more languages pairs other than his/her own, by finding freelancers on LocalityPro to collaborate with him/her on the project. You can now all work together to meet project requirements – and earn more!