What does it mean to be a Photographer?

“Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real – than reality.”— Alfred Stieglitz
“Photography is an art that addresses everyone that is willing to notice the details” http://www.printl.net/
The saying that G’ is in the detail – means that attention paid to small things has big rewards, or that details are important. Good photography is all about paying attention to the smallest details. A good photo can gravitate the eyes of the viewer toward the photo.
They say that nowadays, photography is honed by anybody with a cell phone, but it’s not true. Photography is about the ability to move individuals, and not anyone with a cell phone, can do that. It’s true that anybody can take a picture, but not just anyone can cause an object to be upgraded, or demonstrate the detail and complexities of some unknown feature. An extraordinary shoot will make the most lifeless of objects appear animated, and highly boost your product, your catalog, or your event.
So, whether you are contemplating on using a photographer for your event, for your project or to enhance an excel sheet – use a photographer only when you feel that they can truly embellish and upgrade your project. It is worth more than all the descriptions and written words put together. A truly good photographer is not necessarily one with the most expensive gear or with the most experience in years – he/she might be a student just out of grad school. But if they truly enhance your project, if they really know how to tell Your story in pictures – they are IT.

Types of photographers

  • Action/ Sports: seize the action. Player’s emotions are at a high gear – do you have the qualities to make a tremendous impact?
  • Advertising: market a particular service or product. Boom the prospects of product sales.
  • Aerial: Capture distinctive and stunning effects while flying on a small aircraft or manipulating a drone.
  • Architecture: demonstrate the magnificence of a building, bridge, tower, windmill, or monument.
  • Baby: capture those crucial baby moments in stunning visuals.
  • Journalism: Be out there and shoot real-time events. Make history come alive with your photos.
  • Landscape: When Lighting is captivating – choose that exact moment to capture a glimpse of the surroundings and make it into an artistic saying.
  • Nature: embrace the impermanence of the moment (from https://robertrodriguezjr.com)
  • Event and conference: Catch a glimpse of those informal moments of an event to tell its story (from https://digital-photography-school.com/how-to-photograph-a-conference-10-tips/)
  • Food: Looking for adventures in the kitchen? with a simple photo-cam, make that bread look like a Da-Vinci masterpiece. Excellent for starters.
  • Fashion: Capture the essence of glam. Make an item fashionable for tomorrow.
  • Medical: Are you a doctor on the side? Record images so accurate they will assist doctors with their diagnosis.
  • Scientific photographer: help the medical or business community by using special techniques such as infrared, ultraviolet, time-lapse, thermal imaging or micrography.
  • Travel: Prepare for an exciting, rewarding, challenging, frustrating and would-not-change-it-for-the-world career. (from https://www.digitalphotopro.com/profiles/travel-photographer/)
  • Wedding: Time for the bright side of life! apply brighter images, be colorful and playful. Big smiles are a part of the job, so build rapport, and make everyone your best friend!
  • Wildlife: Experience the thrill of close contact with other animals in the wild – an awe biting and inspiring experience which calls for great expertise.